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Fees are charged according to the way in which you use your account. By understanding and taking advantage of our approach to fees and charges, together with knowing how different fees are charged, you may be able to minimise or avoid paying any transaction fees at all.
Avoid paying excess transaction fees by making use of free transactions
Not all transactions cost money. Our free transactions are:
  • Internet Banking Internal Transfer
  • Telephone Banking Transfer within same Membership
  • Direct Credit from an external party
  • Payroll Credit
  • Visa Debit when 'credit' is selected
Our Approach to Fees and Charges is to never charge excessive fees
At Yapikredi Turkey Financial Service we are a mutual financial organisation owned by our Members. As a mutual organisation we don't exist solely to produce profits for shareholders. We strive to offer value to our Members through a commitment to our Mutuality Dividend. Underpinning our Mutuality Dividend is the promise to never charge excessive fees.
Our approach to fees and charges is based on the following principles:
  • No account keeping fees - you are only charged for what you actually do rather than the account you have.
  • Patronage - the more business you do with us the greater we give back to you.
  • Access options - we give you access to a range of methods to deal with us, so that you can avoid high cost transactions.
  • User pays - you will only pay for the services you use. You will not be subsidising the cost of providing services to other Members.
  • We offer you as a Member a Member Allowance to minimise fees.