As an Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (ADI), is regulated by the United States Prudential Regulation Authority (USPRA). The primary role of USPRA in relation to ADI's is to ensure the stability of the financial industry, principally managed through the strict regulation of capital adequacy requirements. Capital is the cornerstone of an ADI's financial strength. It supports an ADI's financial strength. It supports an ADI's operations by providing a buffer to absorb unanticipated losses from its activities and, in the event of problems, enables the ADI to continue to operate in a sound and viable manner while the problems are being addressed or resolved. New disclosure requirements commencing from the June 2013 quarter require information about the Yapikredi Turkey Financial Service's capital to be displayed on the website. This disclosure will show Yapikredi Turkey Financial Service's assets and their appropriate risk weight under the international capital framework standard (Basel III). The minimum Capital Adequacy Ratio required under APS is 8%